Astra, a young and bright lad, works alongside his friend, Jace, in the Alliance to fight against the deadly virus. 

Vital statistics
Position Alliance, 3
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 170cm
Weight 115lbs

Character InformationEdit

  • Astra has dark navy blue hair, accompanied by red violet gauges in his ears.
  • His eye color is a few shades lighter than his hair.
  • He is seen wearing a beige shirt tucked in gray pants and wears a crystal pendant around his neck.
  • Astra is the only child in his family, and now is an orphan.
  • Astra has a burning passion towards Jace and eventually tells him.
  • Astra is bisexual, showing his feelings for Jace in one of the chapters
  • In a video interview with creator Akiraco, she says that his mother gave him the name Astra after Old Greek Origin, deriving from the word aster meaning star. 

Many people mistaken him for a 16 year old due to his appareance, but never gets bothered by it.

  • Astra is the only person , so far, that can keep Jace calm and under control after he lashes out on people.
  • Astra's favorite food are raviolis, a dish his mother used to make for him.
  • Some of his hobbies are studying Astrology and Astronomy, collecting small items, and composing music.
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