Jace became part of the Alliance when the world was in turmoil, and now works as a raider and a spy. Along with Astra, they both try to end a deadly virus from destroying the world. 

Vital statistics
Position Alliance

Raider 3

Age 21
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 179cm
Weight 132lbs

Character InformationEdit

  • Jace has very dark brown hair with a few of red highlights, which he vows never to hide them, saying that they represent his family that he had lost. 
  • He is the oldest of 2 siblings.
  • Jace has never been in a relationship and finds it rather stupid for anyone to love another.
  • He has piercing green eyes, and is the only member of the Alliance that has such a rare eyecolor.
  • When little, Jace was brutally burnt by a gang of teenage boys, leaving scars and the marks still visible on his body. Astra later questions about the marks after both of them awkwardly bump into each other.
  • His sexual orientation is later shown in the comic, but he denies having any feeling towards anyone but Astra.
  • Astra discovers that Jace has a habit of drinking whenever he is off-duty or thinking about his family.
  • Jace is one of many nicknames that he has, but Akiraco has not yet released his real name.
  • Jace likes to watch movies and spend time with Astra, and try to form a special bond.
  • Jace loves to cook.
  • It is revealed in Incandescent's Novel that Jace's last name is Dumaresq.
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