Kiron is Astra's subconscious, and when called upon by his master, Astra , he takes over his soul and takes over his body, becoming more powerful and stronger. 

Kiron in spirit form
Vital statistics
Position 2nd Geist
Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height 5'8"
Weight 125 lbs.


  • Kiron is mantained in Astra's turquiose crystal necklace, one he wears around his neck given by the the Wasteland Alliance.
  • His irises are black and his pupils are crimson red.
  • His hair color his a wine red, lighter than his pupil color.
  • Kiron sports a long black kimono, with red scale designs on various places.
  • He loves to tease Jace, in both forms.
  • Kiron states part of his depression is not being able to interact with those who don't see spirits.
  • Kiron has no sexual interest, but can get easily attracted to both sexes.
  • In a chapter, Kiron gains enough strength to create his own human form, and us it for evil.
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