The Red Saints are a rather mysterious gang than the Armaggedon . They only get involved if necessary, and are at war with the opposing gang.

The Red Saints Gang Logo

The Red Saints are a massive gang, full of strong members. They try to stop the virus spreading across the globe, but only have gone 1/3 of the way. The Wasteland Alliance is connected to The Red Saints via meetings. Unlike Armaggedon, they prefer to show their faces and not be cowards. Many soldiers in the Wasteland Alliance join the Saints in order to gain protection and increase difficulty of Armaggedon trying to kidnap members, especially Jace , Astra , and Colin. The Red Saints play a heavy role in Incandescent.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Phoenix
  • Nico
  • Enzo
  • Luna
  • Jade

Luminous Arc

Right before the Armaggedon rebelled, The Red Saints remained powerful. At that time, many people considered it the leader of all gangs, rather then Armaggedon. Many members of The Red Saints caused trouble with Armaggedon, making fun of them at public meets or through emails. Prior to Jace's kidnap, both groups faced each other off, and ended up in a huge fight. In the end, The Red Saints returned victorious, humiliating Armaggedon's power. Later, thats when Armaggedon plans to steal one of their members, Jace .

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